Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Best Burger In San Diego?

In my never ending quest for the Best Burger In San Diego, I have had a chance to experience quite a few exceptional burger joints, and I want to share what I have found so far with you here.

1. Four Seasons Aviara - For me, the Four Seasons totally gets it right. They make a high quality burger with all the right ingredients, home made bun, top grade meat, cooked to perfection, farm fresh veggies. It rocks and is my favorite burger in San Diego.

2. Rocky's Crown Pub - Many people consider this the best in San Diego, and it is arguably a solid contender for that spot. Fresh and juicy and in the heart of Pacific Beach, it must be tried.

3. Firefly Grill & Wine Bar - This little known bistro sits discreetly in a strip mall along El Camino Real in Encinitas, but it has excellent food, its very own Burger Night on Sunday's and one of San Diego's best burgers. Look for half-priced wine nights from time to time and try the Mushroom Burger!

4. Bistro West - This relative newcomer to San Diego is in an unlikely location in Carlsbad, just West of I-5 at the Cannon Road exit. It's in a hotel parking lot and doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside it has an artsy atmosphere and great food. The service has always been a little slow for me, but the food makes up for it and they also have one of the best burgers that San Diego has to offer.

5. Hodads - If you like funky, then you will love the scene at Hodad's in Ocean Beach in South San Diego. Dicey location (in Ocean Beach) and colorful people (they're hippies and harmless) make this an interesting place to visit but even though it's almost an hour from my house, I still make the trek for their top notch burgers, which make number 5 on my list of the tasty burgers San Diego has on offer.

6. Jakes Del Mar - Not really well-known for its burgers, Jake's, perched right on the beach in Del Mar, actually offers a very delicious burger and one of San Diego's best.

7. In-N-Out Burger - For faster fare, In-N-Out is always a crowd favorite. Fresh, never frozen meat and crisp fresh toppings continually get this eatery top marks from me and all who visit there.

These are 7 of my best bets for best San Diego burgers. If you have your own, please share!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Red Robin Burgers

Red Robin is a source of pretty decent and fairly consistent burgers here in San Diego. I have visited several of the Red Robins here and most are pretty good and uniform in their quality. One burger they recently added though that I think is quite tasty is the Blackened Bayou Burger.

I had one just yesterday and have to say that after almost 8 days staying at an abysmal hotel with even more dismal food, it was a pleasure to be back home and able to sample good food again. 

Red Robin and the Blackened Bayou Burger did not disappoint and I was really happy to be home from my real estate investor training workshop and in my old neighborhood with a comfy home and familiar places (not to mention familiar faces!)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Marriott Downtown Orlando Review

I spent the past several days and nights at the Marriott Downtown Orlando and thought I would take a moment to post a review and let you know what I thought of the hotel.

I was hear presenting a real estate training workshop to real estate investors with some friends of mine.

Sadly, the reviews are not great. The hotel is older and the rooms are okay, no complaints there, although they did have a musty smell to them that I suppose is just a result of being located in balmy Florida.

However the food was amazingly bad and incredibly overpriced. They had a $14 hamburger and $30 rubber chicken dinner dish that quite frankly would have been overpriced at half of what they were charging. The food was abysmal, some of the worst I've had at any hotel, and we found ourselves trying desparately to get out each day and night to find something halfway decent.

The problem with that was that the hotel is not located near anything decent to eat, not within walking distance anyway. It's in the Centroplex by Amway arena and the theatre center, but you can't even walk out and go a few blocks to get a Starbucks! What's up with that.

I thought Starbucks was everywhere. Not a decent tea in sight for this place though.

Our conference room was sub-zero temp almost the entire time we spoke. People were hugging each other for warmth and I was afraid they were going to break up the tables to start a survival fire. Next time, we'll bring blankets, but there probably won't be a next time for the Marriott Downtown Orlando because we will never stay here again.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Roland Frasier: The New 3D Movies

Roland Frasier

Click the link above for Roland Frasier Amazon books.

The new 3D movies are really getting good. I had the opportunity to see Disney's Bolt movie a few days ago, and I was really impressed with how good the 3D imagery was.

Unfortunately, Disney has not yet gotten it right at their Orlando theme park, Walt Disney World. I was at Epcot Center as well as the Magic Kingdom a few days ago and I saw "Honey I Shrunk The Audience" and "Mickey's Philharmagic" and both suffered from double imaged, poorly rendered 3D.

I'm guessing that Disney had not had the time to update these two shows to the state of the art, but it sure would make a difference. If you could see those two shows with the same clarity and crispness that Bolt offered, it would be a much more interesting experience.

As it was, I left with my eyes hurting from the double vision! The shows weren't bad. I did not find the "Honey I Shrunk the Audience" show to be very interesting, but it seemed like some of the kids liked it. The Philharmagic show was a real treat though and everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

Coming from the 3D experiences of yesteryear, I have to say that 3D has come a very long way. I see that there are several more 3D disney releases on the horizon, and I can only imagine things will continue to get better and better.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Arlington Texas Apartment Investor Info

Arlington Texas Apartment Investor Info

Happily Back From Dallas Doing SEO

Back from Dallas and creating websites with WordPress and other favorites. Just a quick post to say that I am back and working hard on fulfilling all we promised in Dallas. What a great group of new Commercial Inner Circle members we have. It really is exciting to see such a high caliber of people participating in the program!

If you want to see one of them, check out Dixon NG's site here...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Roland Frasier: Four Seasons Houston Review

Hi, Roland Frasier here..

I had a chance to visit the Four Seasons Hotel in Houston recently on my way back from the SuperJVSummit in Tampa, Florida, and I have to say it was a decent, but not remarkable hotel.

It's located in or at least connected to a multi-building shopping center that leaves quite a bit to be desired. The center means well and has great potential, but the stores are not well-kept and with the exception of one national bookstore chain, a pair of Starbucks and a Dress Barn, I had never heard of any of the curious array of store tenants.

The area around the Four Seasons is downright scary. We walked from the hotel to a run down Macy's about 3 blocks away, and even in that short distance, we had to change course to avoid several burly homeless men aggressively asking for money. It felt as though we had a huge "ROB ME" sign pasted to us!

In the hotel, the Quattro resaurant, which received one of the best Zagat ratings in Houston, proved to have very good fare, despite being one of the more expensive places I have had the pleasure of eating lunch.

The food and service were good, which held true for room service, the spa, the front desk and the rest of the hotel as well.

The rooms are older and could use a facelift, but they are decent. All in all, I would give this hotel a 5 by Four Seasons standards. Having had the pleasure of staying in quite a few hotels in this chain, it is important to note that "average" for Four Seasons is probably a 7 or 8 when you consider all hotels.

With a little love, a makeover/remodel and a new location in a more interesting part of town (maybe the Galleria area?) the hotel could be much more worthwhile to visit. Next time in town, in December, I plan to try Hotel Zaza.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Adventures in Foreign Dining!

If you have never enjoyed the delightful cuisine of Amsterdam, you really must give it a try if you are ever here. I am currently visiting and am reminded of some favorite little spots near Dam Square in the heart of the Central City.

There is a delightful bakery, a fabulous kebab place (with killer falafals too) and an awesome New York Pizza place, all next to the Grand Krasnapolsky hotel here.

I just wanted to say, these are all great little hole in the wall places you should try if you find yourself in this most interesting city!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Roland Frasier Reviews Austin 6th Street and South Congress

Roland Frasier - see the blog posts over at wordpress.

After spending a week in Austin at the Path To Profits workshop I've gained a great appreciation for the lovely city of Austin, Texas. There is such a wonderfully eclectic blend of music, technology, education and, well, funkiness, here that you can't help but find something, and in my case many things, to love about this city! So, I wanted to take a moment to provide the quick Roland Frasier reviews of Austin 6th Street and South Congress...

This trip, I had the chance to cruise down 6th street after a long day of speaking and workshopping and meetings. It was about 10:30 - 11pm and things were just getting started, but the energy was wonderful. There is a huge array of diversely musically focused bars and gathering places, many with rooftop decks to enjoy the crisp Austin air and starry skies as you are serenaded by anything from heavy metal to jazz to country music.

Over on South Congress, you find still more funky from the star studded Hotel San Jose to the aluminum trailer cupcake wagon serving up tasty treats for a hungry crowd of hippies, students, stars, politicians and musicians.

If you have not yet had the pleasure of visiting Austin, then you really must go, and don't forget to watch the bats flying out from under the bridge that spans Town Lake.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Roland Frasier Reviews Posidon By The Beach In Del Mar

This is another in the Roland Frasier Reviews series of restaurant reviews. Today, I'm going to review Posidon by the beach in Del Mar, California.

If you're in the San Diego area and looking for some great omlettes with an unbeatable beachside, outdoor dining milieu, then you must go try Posidon in Del Mar.

The restaurant is perched directly on the beach at Del Mar and offers stunning views of the coastline and the beautiful sounds and smells of the ocean and crashing waves just a few yards away.

The omlettes are great, although when the place is crowded the service can be quite slow, but that just gives you more time to enjoy your conversation and the amazing views.

They open for breakfast on Sunday, my favorite day to go, at 9AM sharp and tables are hard to come by around 9:30, so get there early if you're planning on going.

Do stay away from the iced tea, which is inconsistent and can be quite scary tasting when it's off.

Also, don't forget to bring a hat and sunglasses as the morning sun easily evades the sunbrellas set up on the border of the outdoor dining area and it can be quite sunny and warm.

All in all, this is a great spot to go and appreciate the benefits of living in an oceanside community if you are a local San Diegan, and also a fabulous place to take visitors and tourists whenever you are in the San Diego area.

Oh, and lest we forget, the place is kid friendly - just imagine the joy of sipping your favorite cocktail while enjoying a tasty breakfast as your kids play in the sand and surf within easy shouting distance from you.

How can you go wrong with that?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Earning Pounds and Euros While Living Off of Dollars

Author: Roland Frasier

With the ever decreasing value of the dollar compared to the ever increasing value of the Pound and Euro, it has occurred to me that it makes total and complete sense to be earning pounds and euros and living off of dollars.

Arbitrage has been around for years, in its most basic form buying something low and selling it again at a higher price. Wall Street has made many multi-billionaires out of financiers who really add no more value than providing a conduit for investors money from the investor to companies in need of capital.

The stock market, mutual funds, car dealerships, grocery stores and almost everything you can imagine works on this premise.

On a more advanced and speculative level the ForEx or foreign exchange markets work in the same way.

Currency trades at different exchange rates which are ever changing and even though the traders will try to sell you on the fact that the fluctuations are based on national economies, trade balances and gross domestic product, but a large part of the wildly varying fluctuations is a result of speculation in the market.

Now, if we think about it there are two ways to take advantage of the speculators and ever changing currency markets.

The first is to join the fray and become speculators ourselves. This has the disadvantage of requiring us to risk our capital in a very uncertain market, and one in which we have little or no competitive advantage or special knowledge to hedge our risk with.

The second is much more appealing... why not create cash flow in a foreign currency that generally trades at a higher rate than our own?

If we can succeed at doing this, then we benefit on a daily basis as our cash comes in from foreign operations already denominated in a currency valued higher than our own.

If our dollars are trading at $2.5 to every English Pound Sterling, then we instantly achieve a rough return on our currency of 2.5 times in a matter of a single day!

Annualize that return and the real return is staggering. 250% per day for 365 days each year results in a realized return of 91,250% per year!

We get that return because for every Pound we earn at that exchange rate, we get 2.5 dollars. Since we're living off of dollars while earning our income in Pounds, we reap the huge currency exchange benefit.

For these reasons, I am working on hard on developing both UK and EU income!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Roland Frasier Vegas Adventure

Well, it's been way too long since I posted here on the Roland Frasier blog, so I'm back to get things going again.

I just returned from Las Vegas and while I don't have a crazy Vegas Adventure to share with you, I will say that it was a great trip and I had a blast working with the whole crew as we presented a real estate investing workshop.

I did want to mention that the Palazzo Hotel is a pretty cool place. The thing I liked best this trip was trying out the concierge lounge on the 23rd floor. It's an extra $100 per night, but you get all of the following...

Access to the 12,000 square foot concierge lounge - this is cool because it's super nice, offers great views of the strip and is a perfect little getaway place if you find yourself wishing your room was just a tiny bit larger.

Popcorn and movies that you can take back to your room.

An amazing selection of different pillows.

Open bar every evening - now I'm not a big drinker, but even if you have 2 people and 2 glasses of wine, this can add up to a huge savings.

Breakfast in the mornings - There's a great selection of juices and pastries, fruit and other goodies in the morning.

Afternoon Tea - I'm a huge fan of afternoon tea, and they have it here, complete with scones, jams and clotted cream. The only downside in my opinion is that the tea is not brewed for you, it's in tea bags, which diminishes the coolness factor somewhat in my opinion.

Late Afternoon Snacky Snacks - while I was there last they had amazing goat's cheese quiches, mini pizzas, mini taco deliciousness and lots of other cool goodies in addition to the healthful selections of fruit.

If you haven't tried the Concierge Level at Palazzo, you owe it to yourself to do so. You can get rates at Palazzo in the $159 range online and for the extra $100 a night, you can easily save a bundle while adding a nice little bit of pampering to your stay.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Crazy Drivers

It's probably not a great idea to decide to go for a drive to relax and enjoy an audio program during the five o'clock traffic rush.

Yesterday, I thought I would hop in the car and go for a drive.

I turn out of my neighborhood and enter one of major streets by my home, and a truck going about 80 miles an hour came barrelling up on me as I turned into the traffic flow.

He drove right up on my bumper, flashed his brights on, stuck his head and hand outside the cab of his truck and saluted me with his middle finger while yelling at the top of this voice.

This continued for the next mile or so, and he also pulled over to the side of the road to see if I was interested in fighting him over this.

All my unpleasant driving experiences so far have been with someone who is driving a pickup truck.

Do you think it's possible that drivers of pickup trucks have more stress or are just generally more angry than the average driver?

I wonder?

Roland Frasier

Monday, March 24, 2008

South Park Episodes Free and Legal Available Now

I'm so stoked to find out that Matt and Trey have made all the South Park episodes available online for free, and they are uncut and uncensored!

Here's the link...

Love it!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Candy and Easter Flowers

Ah, Easter. It's a religious holiday with great significance, and it's also a lovely time to spend with family and children, or, if you have no children of your own, someone else's.

I have very fond memories as a kid of Easter, waking up to find the Easter basket filled with chocolate bunnies and those marshmallow Peeps things, as well as lots of other interesting goodies.

Now that the Easter Bunny has abandoned me in my adult life, I still relish the opportunity to see kids of all ages attacking their Easter baskets and mumching on all the chocolate delicious booty they find there.

Another thing I really enjoy about Easter is Easter Flowers. I grabbed some truly magnificent specimens this morning. There were Easter Lillies, Azaela plants with cute little twisted trunks and what I will call a Stargazer Orchid, even though I don't think that is the correct name.

It looks like a Stargazer Lilly, but it's an orchid instead.

Anyway, I had four grocery bags of candy for doling out to those still favored by his majesty, the Easter Bunny, and it was fun passing them along to the appreciative mouths of those for whom they were intended.

However, make no mistake - I did purloin a few choice pieces for myself.

The best new candy discovery of the year for me though was a delicious little treat which I received as a gift. It was a Butterfinger Egg, a chocolate covered bit of goodness filled with a mixture that can only be described as a combination of Butterfinger and Reese's peanut butter. It was delicious.

So, good flowers, good candy and good times with friends and family made for a fabulous Easter.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Fun

Just chilling out today for Easter. It's nice to get to chill out and take a few days off. Once thing that makes these holidays fun is getting time away from the business side of things to think and focus on other things. As I am doing that this weekend, I'm just thankful for all the blessings in my life, the great relationships, friends and family I have. I hope everyone takes some time during this holiday to enjoy what they have and treasure that, and don't worry so much about what's not perfect in your life right now. There will always be things that aren't perfect.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I have a page on SmugMug where I post several of my wildlife and nature photos from my travels throughout the world, and I was checking out some other galleries there today.

Well, I stumbped upon some fabulous shots of the Scottish countryside and wanted to share them with you. They can be found at:

and I have to warn you, they are awesome!

My own photos are available for viewing at

I hope you enjoy them.

Roland Frasier

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finding Roland Frasier on the Net

By the way, just in case you're wondering about the Roland Frasier Blogs on the Net, I am trying to keep this one personal and observational. I have another Blog over on Wordpress that is more business oriented. It's at. and then there's my personal webpage at so if you're looking for a more businessy perspective check out the page and if you want a more personal perspective, read this one here.


Will Ustream Be a Podcast Killer? Roland Frasier and Perry Belcher

We pretty much all know about Podcasting now and lots of businesses have jumped on the Podcast bandwagon to get their message out to the masses.

But, have you heard about the video equivalent of Podcasting? Well, kind of the video equivalent anyway. There's a smart startup out there called Ustream that has the attention of the venture capital crowd and with good reason.

I'm talking about What is Ustream.TV?

Well, according to their site...

"Ustream is a platform that provides live interactive video for everyone. Anyone with a camera and an Internet connection can use Ustream to broadcast to a global audience."

Additionally, the site claims to be...

"SPAM Free...Safe and Secure Site... Parental Controls for Minors... Privacy Settings - Puts You In Control... ZERO Tolerance For Inappropriate Behavior"

So, what's not to love? What if you could create your own LIVE broadcasts of video from anywhere in the world? Well, with Ustream now you can and it seems to be pretty easy.

I signed up in just a few minutes to create the Roland Frasier TV Show, which you can find at...

Now, I have encountered a few challenges so far, and I'll keep you up to date as I try to work through them. First, there is no template that I can yet find that makes customizing the show page easy.

They give you all sorts of customization options, but it's kind of like on crack because you are choosing all these colors for all these different areas of the show page screen without really knowing what will look good.

Then, you have to click the "Preview" button to see what they are going to look like. That's a little "clunky" for me. I'd much prefer to have some graphic design whizzes cook up a bunch of cool looking themed templates that I could select from, with the ability to screw it up with customization options after the fact.

Of course, their not having this, not that I can find yet anyway, does create entrepreneurial opportunities for others! Bring on the templates!

Anyway, if you want to start your very own live tv show over the Internet, it would appear that offers a compelling option.

YouTube also also some stream capability, feel free to check out Perry Belcher for some streamed marketing videos.

Perry Belcher HD Videos & Blue Ray Rules!

My marketing buddy Perry Belcher has some new HD videos on YouTube. But now "BlueRay" is totally awesome! You should definitely be all over the BlueRay format movies that are out now.

perry belcher

Wow! Have you checked out Blue Ray? I've had it on my PS3 for some time now, but only just recently had the time to check out the Spiderman 3 included Blue Ray DVD. It really is impressive. Now, I know that's not huge news, but sometimes things change and you say "so what" and other times, they change and you realize it's a meaningful advance. Blue Ray is a meaningful advance.

Now, I don't know about spending $30 a DVD to have the extra resolution, but I admit to picking up a few Blue Ray discs today to check out a few flicks I thought might be impressive with this technology.

So, I grabbed 300, Across The Universe, Xmen The Last Stand, Lord of War (one of my personal all time faves) and I have to say they ARE in fact worth the extra dough!