Sunday, March 16, 2008

Perry Belcher HD Videos & Blue Ray Rules!

My marketing buddy Perry Belcher has some new HD videos on YouTube. But now "BlueRay" is totally awesome! You should definitely be all over the BlueRay format movies that are out now.

perry belcher

Wow! Have you checked out Blue Ray? I've had it on my PS3 for some time now, but only just recently had the time to check out the Spiderman 3 included Blue Ray DVD. It really is impressive. Now, I know that's not huge news, but sometimes things change and you say "so what" and other times, they change and you realize it's a meaningful advance. Blue Ray is a meaningful advance.

Now, I don't know about spending $30 a DVD to have the extra resolution, but I admit to picking up a few Blue Ray discs today to check out a few flicks I thought might be impressive with this technology.

So, I grabbed 300, Across The Universe, Xmen The Last Stand, Lord of War (one of my personal all time faves) and I have to say they ARE in fact worth the extra dough!

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