Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Best Burger In San Diego?

In my never ending quest for the Best Burger In San Diego, I have had a chance to experience quite a few exceptional burger joints, and I want to share what I have found so far with you here.

1. Four Seasons Aviara - For me, the Four Seasons totally gets it right. They make a high quality burger with all the right ingredients, home made bun, top grade meat, cooked to perfection, farm fresh veggies. It rocks and is my favorite burger in San Diego.

2. Rocky's Crown Pub - Many people consider this the best in San Diego, and it is arguably a solid contender for that spot. Fresh and juicy and in the heart of Pacific Beach, it must be tried.

3. Firefly Grill & Wine Bar - This little known bistro sits discreetly in a strip mall along El Camino Real in Encinitas, but it has excellent food, its very own Burger Night on Sunday's and one of San Diego's best burgers. Look for half-priced wine nights from time to time and try the Mushroom Burger!

4. Bistro West - This relative newcomer to San Diego is in an unlikely location in Carlsbad, just West of I-5 at the Cannon Road exit. It's in a hotel parking lot and doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside it has an artsy atmosphere and great food. The service has always been a little slow for me, but the food makes up for it and they also have one of the best burgers that San Diego has to offer.

5. Hodads - If you like funky, then you will love the scene at Hodad's in Ocean Beach in South San Diego. Dicey location (in Ocean Beach) and colorful people (they're hippies and harmless) make this an interesting place to visit but even though it's almost an hour from my house, I still make the trek for their top notch burgers, which make number 5 on my list of the tasty burgers San Diego has on offer.

6. Jakes Del Mar - Not really well-known for its burgers, Jake's, perched right on the beach in Del Mar, actually offers a very delicious burger and one of San Diego's best.

7. In-N-Out Burger - For faster fare, In-N-Out is always a crowd favorite. Fresh, never frozen meat and crisp fresh toppings continually get this eatery top marks from me and all who visit there.

These are 7 of my best bets for best San Diego burgers. If you have your own, please share!

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