Monday, December 8, 2008

Marriott Downtown Orlando Review

I spent the past several days and nights at the Marriott Downtown Orlando and thought I would take a moment to post a review and let you know what I thought of the hotel.

I was hear presenting a real estate training workshop to real estate investors with some friends of mine.

Sadly, the reviews are not great. The hotel is older and the rooms are okay, no complaints there, although they did have a musty smell to them that I suppose is just a result of being located in balmy Florida.

However the food was amazingly bad and incredibly overpriced. They had a $14 hamburger and $30 rubber chicken dinner dish that quite frankly would have been overpriced at half of what they were charging. The food was abysmal, some of the worst I've had at any hotel, and we found ourselves trying desparately to get out each day and night to find something halfway decent.

The problem with that was that the hotel is not located near anything decent to eat, not within walking distance anyway. It's in the Centroplex by Amway arena and the theatre center, but you can't even walk out and go a few blocks to get a Starbucks! What's up with that.

I thought Starbucks was everywhere. Not a decent tea in sight for this place though.

Our conference room was sub-zero temp almost the entire time we spoke. People were hugging each other for warmth and I was afraid they were going to break up the tables to start a survival fire. Next time, we'll bring blankets, but there probably won't be a next time for the Marriott Downtown Orlando because we will never stay here again.

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