Friday, February 20, 2009

A Visit To Lyon France

It's always nice when your business leads you to a place that you have always wanted to visit and spend some time. I recently had that pleasure when business took me to the beautiful French city of Lyon. Having enjoyed my time there immensely, I highly recommend that you find a reason for a visit to Lyon France.

Lyon is a large city, but it is at the gastromical heart of France and French cuisine. Chef Paul Bocuse who has a not to be missed restaurant there, reinvented French food years ago and relit the fire of irresistibility of French Country fare.

The old town of the city is brimming with tunnels and passageways that used to serve the old silk merchants, then the resistance during the World Wars and now tourists who scurry along through them, feeling giddy as they explore places that feel secret and off the beaten path.

This is a city to savour for several days, relaxing along the river, enjoying the beauty of the ancient roman ruins at the amphitheatre, exploring the shopts and bakeries and relishing the delicious food.

I found the people of Lyon to be uniformly friendly and welcoming and even tolerant of my attempts at French. This is a city well worth a visit. Oh, and if you do have the pleasure of visiting Lyon, be sure to check out the Cour De Loge hotel. It's ancient charm and windy passageways in the cobbled together nest of buildings that comprise the place create an icon that is not to be missed.

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