Saturday, June 13, 2009

M Resort Las Vegas Review

I recently had an opportunity to visit one of Las Vegas's newer resorts, the M Resort Las Vegas, and wanted to post a review of it.

The drive to the M from the airport is about a $35 affair, and takes you approximatley 10 miles down the strip away from the Mandalay Bay side. The drive is worth it to experience the cool, funky and loved by the locals vibe of the M.

The staff at M Resort are carefully screened through a five stage hiring process and must pass certain tests showing their willingness to help others and be courteous before they are hired. This screening process shines through with everyone I met at M being helpful, friendly and even going out of their way to make your stay more pleasant.

One typical complaint for me is that rooms are too hot, especially in the summer in Las Vegas, and the M is no exception, however the helpful staff did provide a fan which made a huge difference in the comfort in the room.

The food at M is decent, nothing to get excited about, but decent, and the casino is clean and hip. Rooms are spacious and clean, with a fun window that looks out from the bathroom into the main area.

One of my favorite things about the M was the free coke draft soda fountains placed throughout the casino. Rather than waiting for a cocktail waitress to find you, any thirsty moments can be sated with a quick trip up the drink dispenser.

All in all, M is a nice choice if you are okay with being off the strip several miles and you are looking more for a spa, pool, gaming and relaxing experience than something luxe and special.

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